How to Create a Vision Board

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In order to visualize your goal, you should keep picturing yourself getting closer and closer to your goal.

Entrepreneurs should make a mental note of their ultimate goal and then keep picturing themselves meeting all of its requirements.

So, for example, if you're running a landscaping business and want to become an independently wealthy entrepreneur, you should visualize yourself driving in your car, at any speed, at any location, in any condition, going towards your goal. This is one way to visualize your goal. Another way would be to make a mental note of how you feel, and every time you feel resentful or resent yourself, picture yourself getting angry and being determined to get an angry goal.

Another way to visualize your goal is to take a piece of paper and write down all the pros and cons you feel you'll encounter along the way to your goal. Keep picturing the obstacles you'll encounter along the way to your goal and how you'll overcome them. Think about the past experiences that you have had overcoming obstacles and how you'll use those experiences to get through them. Do this for about ten days, and then ask yourself questions. Is this obstacle really impossible? Have you really overcome more than one of these obstacles? Has it really been possible for you to overcome one obstacle and two new obstacles come up right after? When you find out the answer to these questions, you'll be able to visualize yourself getting past these obstacles.

In order to visualize your goal, you should keep picturing yourself getting closer and closer to your goal. When you reach that point, you should take one step forward and say to yourself; I got past that obstacle. In my mind, it's like getting past the desert at that point. Another way to reach this point is to ask yourself, what's the value of this experience? When I started visualizing my goal, my mind started telling me things like how strong and fast I'll be, that I'll be rich, successful, famous, and so on. It was all based on one point. My mind then just kept going about me accomplishing this goal and how valuable every experience will be.

Once you reach this point, you should start asking yourself what your identity is and how you got to this point. 

  • What's the value of this point? 
  • What's the difference between me and others? 
  • What am I? 
  • How did I get to this point? 
  • What value does this point add to me? 
  • What identity does this point add? 
  • And then it was so natural for me to get up from my seat and go to work.

How to Create a Vision Board

You can create a vision board by organizing pictures of your life and your accomplishments in chronological order. You can also organize the pictures by importance like birthdays, anniversaries, and significant moments of your life. You can also organize the pictures by subjects, like sports, military, pets, politics, or whatever you want. There are also pictures of items in your life, like your favorite fruit or favorite ice cream. You can organize the pictures by period, location, and surroundings.

That's how you can visualize yourself achieving your goals in your life. And when you're done, all you have to do is close your eyes and go to work!

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