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Why are business owners failing when they hit the streets

As I have gone through each stage of starting and running a business, I have watched and followed those who succeeded.

What struck me was that I could list at least five people, right at the top of my head, who failed in their business. The reasons? Lack of business plans. In the world of marketing, it is so easy to create a plan and have a document, so you will know exactly what you are going to do to get from where you are to where you wish to be.

I watched individual business owners, with detailed business plans who had every imaginable contingency, only to fail when they hit the streets. I have never seen or heard of a business owner who did not figure out how to make profits. In my experience, people figure it out, whether they are in business or not.

So when I watch those who succeed in business, it does not surprise me because they have figured it out. It does surprise me that more people do not figure it out and find themselves struggling to make a profit in their business.

So how can this be? Why are business owners failing when they hit the streets, and why can some make huge profits and others not make any?

The answer is simple. A business owner must have enough business knowledge to be able to figure what to do to be profitable. A very smart person could read Insider Secrets and figure it out in a day or so.

This is the key to owning your own business. Owning your own business does not mean that an entrepreneur must have a degree from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, or Yale. A degree in business does not automatically make a business owner a successful entrepreneur.

I hope you found this article helpful? As you continue your quest for wealth and financial security, Insider Secrets by Dr. W.G. Hill has all resources you should seriously consider having in your entrepreneur's arsenal. 
This Unconventional Guide is for seasoned entrepreneurs as well as beginners in the biz.

What I like most about Insider Secrets is that it doesn’t force you into picking one activity over another. It’s more of an “a la carte” menu…  you choose what fits your style. And with over 100 different trades to choose from, I’d say it’s a pretty solid menu.”
Lisa Karen

You'll learn everything you must know from making quick cash to build your entrepreneur empire!

Insider Secrets by Dr. W.G. Hill

Insider Secrets: Become a Successful Portable Trade Entrepreneur

It could be said the Insider Secrets by Dr. W.G. Hill is one of the best books to show you how you can become a successful entrepreneur. Why? Because what's written in Insider Secrets is written by someone who actually walked the talk and then wrote about it. 

If you look at history, many of those who become very successful had little schooling or dropped out of school because the system didn't have answers to their questions! The reader will learn more from this one book in a short time as Dr. W.G. Hill will show you the reader how and where to begin. Dr. W.G. Hill shares many simple business startup ideas (some of whom Hill used to support him while traveling the world). The reader may make these ideas his own or expand them to fit each situation best. 

The keyword here is to start small and build up an entrepreneur empire anywhere in the world.

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