About W.G. Hill

W.G Hill is a World Traveler, Entrepreneur, Property Tycoon, Self-Made Millionaire, and Best-Selling Author of over 20 books and dozens of shorter reports. 

In Hill's books, he details with fascinating cases the steps he has taken and shows the reader the path to success. Hill's writing style is easy to understand and follow, and the reader can copy Hill's walk to become a self-made millionaire. There is a good reason why Hill has got over 16.700 5 STAR ratings and reviews (and still counting) on various book rating sites throughout the years.

PT is his best-known work so far, which tens of millions have read. Each year thousands of people add PT to their reading list  - are you on that list yet?

This website is dedicated to one of Hill's books, Insider Secrets. To learn more about W.G. Hill and his other works, you might want to head over to his official site where readers, like you, can ask or answer questions on the book page forum.

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