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There are countless success stories from people all over who become successful entrepreneurs after acting upon Hill's strategies laid out in Insider Secrets.
“Wow. This book was an amazing wake-up call. I used to think only in terms of “getting a job.” It is obviously better to work independently. Insider Secrets taught me how to market my services as a self-employed independent contractor.



Michael Thomas

Developer & Entrepreneur

“The concepts inside the first two chapters have made me over $15,000 this year… and I know I’ll probably make at least 10x more next year.

Like anything new, this stuff takes a while until you become really good at it – but after that, you literally sit back and watch the money pour in!

What I like most about Insider Secrets is that it doesn’t force you into picking one activity over another. It’s more of an “a la carte” menu… you choose what fits your style. And with over 100 different trades to choose from, I’d say it’s a pretty solid menu.”

Lisa Karen

Manager & Entrepreneur


A Foolproof Guide To Entrepreneur

The #1 Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

#entrepreneurship #profitablebusiness #entrepreneurgoals As I have gone through each stage of starting and running a business, I have watched and followed those who succeeded. What struck me was that I could list at least five people, right at the top of my head, who failed in their business. The reasons? Lack of business plans. In the world of marketing, it is so easy to create a plan and have a document, so you will know exactly what you are going to do to get from where you are to where you wish to be. I watched individual business owners, with detailed business plans who had every imaginable contingency, only to fail when they hit the streets . I have never seen or heard of a business owner who did not figure out how to make profits. In my experience, people figure it out, whether they are in business or not. So when I watch those who succeed in business, it does not surprise me because they have figured it out. It does surprise me that more people do not figure it out and find the

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#greatproducts #productspecialist #productsandservices #customersatisfaction #customerservice  Increase Visibility: If you are concerned about competition from other businesses in your area, consider investing in a storefront sign or banner advertisement. Not only will this advertise your business to nearby businesses and residents, but it can draw customers over to check you out. You can create a visual image of your business for people driving by for less cost and with minimal effort. Attend Events: Another way to get your business in front of customers is to take your business to events, where you can be seen and be seen as an expert. Some great places to present yourself are trade shows, business meetings, and lunches. For under $20 a month, you'll get a spot in the show directory and possibly get a customer. Write Articles: There are many writing competitions and article directories to choose from. Some require articles to be submitted by a business. Others allow you to hir
#businessrisks #risktaker #riskybusiness #RiskTakersWorldWide  Taking risks is not always easy. When you take risks, you are no longer in your comfort zone, and there may be consequences to what you do.  But the rewards of taking risks far outweigh the consequences. When you take risks, you become a great entrepreneur, but only when you have the drive to become a great entrepreneur and learn the skills that will help you take risks. Being a risk-taker is one of the things that you have to be when you are an entrepreneur. When you are an entrepreneur, you will have to face many decisions requiring you to be a risk-taker. The most significant risks of taking risks are the risks that will make you millions of dollars. And you can never be sure of the outcome of the risk that you take, but it will have to be a risk that will produce a million-dollar result for you to be successful. One of the risks you have to take when you are an entrepreneur is being an entrepreneur. When you are an entr
#BusinessPlan #businessplanning #entrepreneurmotivation #smallbiz  You'll have to compromise, sacrifice, work really hard sometimes, but you must ultimately do it because you love what you do. In essence, you must enjoy what you do. If you don't, your business will never be what it is all about. You'll never be successful. It is imperative to have a passion for what you do. You'll have to know every detail of your business and find a way to attach yourself to it. Once you find a way to enjoy your work, your success will follow. Before I go into more specifics about what it means to love what you do, let me give you a critical piece of advice.  As an entrepreneur, you will encounter many challenges that you must handle. People will tell you that it is straightforward to open a business. I tell you that advice is only valid if the advice comes from the person who wants you to do it. If you know that it is tough to open a business, that doesn't mean you're wrong fo
#emailmarketing #emailcampaign #articlemarketing #articlepublishing #contentmarketing #contentstrategy  There are many other techniques you can apply to get traffic. I've listed just a few, but many resources are out there you can use to build your list and make your success sustainable.  1) Write content for your website: It doesn't matter how great your content is. If your website is nowhere to be seen, then you are not generating any sales. Write your content. It doesn't matter how great your ideas and insights are. If you have no way to share them with the world, they are of no help. 2) Do opt-in campaigns: Many experts have advocated this strategy. Some of my favorites include an affiliate program that pays out 25% on other websites that opt-in to your campaign. 3) Write articles: Writing articles increases your traffic. Some of the best pieces are controversial. They tend to get downvoted and ignored, but because they are so contentious, they attract many readers.
#grit #grateful #strengthmatters #Strength #entrepreneurtip #smallbiztips  Gratitude is the ability to acknowledge the blessings that we have. It is the ability to recognize the circumstances that we have, including our parents and our children.  It is the ability to appreciate what we have, to tell ourselves that we have everything we need, and to want to say to our children that they have everything they need. Grit is the ability to keep going when everyone around you is telling you to give up. The ability to persevere. This is the ability to keep looking for solutions, keep doing research, and keep asking questions. This is the ability not to let life hold you back, not let your circumstances hold you back, and not to give up. Being grateful is the ability to recognize the blessings in our lives. Being grit is the ability to keep going when everyone around you tells you to give up. Being grateful is the ability to recognize the blessings in our lives and see our parents, our childre
#entrepreneur #entrepreneurtip #visionboard #visualize #marketingadvice #businesscoach  Entrepreneurs should make a mental note of their ultimate goal and then keep picturing themselves meeting all of its requirements. So, for example, if you're running a landscaping business and want to become an independently wealthy entrepreneur, you should visualize yourself driving in your car, at any speed, at any location, in any condition, going towards your goal. This is one way to visualize your goal. Another way would be to make a mental note of how you feel, and every time you feel resentful or resent yourself, picture yourself getting angry and being determined to get an angry goal. Another way to visualize your goal is to take a piece of paper and write down all the pros and cons you feel you'll encounter along the way to your goal. Keep picturing the obstacles you'll encounter along the way to your goal and how you'll overcome them. Think about the past experiences that y

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PT "Perpetual Traveler"

The ultimate way to avoid government control of your life and your property is to become invisible. Over 400 pages of possibilities to raise your own Flags and become a PT. Multi-millionaire author, Dr. W.G. Hill, details with fascinating case histories and personal anecdotes how he has made-and keeps-both his freedom and his money. Updated in 2020


You don’t hear of too many Real Estate Tycoons who made it big. Why? Because most of us prefer to be anonymous & low profile. We don’t want publicity to get targeted by all and sundry scammers. Be on the rich guy lists of Forbes, and you’ll have no benefits — nothing but trouble! Updated in 2020
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