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Most great fortunes have been made by those who start with nothing in an economic downturn. They do not look for jobs- they find opportunities.

An Ingenious Plan for Generating Invisible Income That Will Support You (Or Maybe, Make You RICH!). Works In Any Country, No Worries About Permits, Licenses, or Regulations!

The author is W.G. Hill is an experienced expatriate who has lived and been self-employed all over the world. This book is important if you would like to stay in your own country too.

Do you want to move to a more rural place or even abandon a “job” you have now?

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Here’s just a glimpse of what you’re getting inside this “reference guide” to financial freedom:

  • How to get successful business owners to split their profits with you… in exchange for a simple (yet little known) change you make to their website! (Anyone can do this.
  • How to gain the skills and contacts you need –to be “in demand” wherever you go! (While locals are looking and not finding a regular job… you’ll be using this “expat’s edge” to survive and prosper.)
  • Skip years of painful trial & error – by avoiding the  dangerous mistakes most expats make on their path to a worry-free, financially secure life
  • A legal, low-risk technique for making monster profits in some of the poorest places in the world (a proven tactic that will turn you into an offshore success almost overnight)
  • The ultimate online business: no office, no employees, no product to ship! (get into it almost “risk-free” with this little-known new Internet  opportunity)
  • A very simple technique to double your income as an artist.This powerful strategy is used by all savvy artists… yet ignored by 95% of the wannabees who don’t understand the need for marketing and self-promotion.

If your future happiness, freedom &
financial security means anything to you –
do not overlook this book.

Here’s more of what you’ll discover inside Insider Secrets

How to have 10,000 “virtual” salespeople at your command – for windfall profits, while working from your kitchen, in your underwear! (All you need is a computer and an Internet connection to get into this billion-dollar market that’s still ripe with opportunity!)

The fastest way to start a home-based mail-order business (get one prospect from 1000 to respond, and you’ll make enough money for trips around the world… in your own yacht!)

5 ways to make more tax-free money as a “medical consultant” than you could ever dream before as an MD (imagine a field where there’s no litigation, no personal liability, and where the doctors you consult with take all the risk!)

Make an easy $80k/ year (or more) anywhere in the world… as a graphics designer or programmer (a step-by-step action plan to bring you hundreds of generous clients… for a steady cash-flow each month!)

Take advantage of international price differences – by learning how to “arbitrage” in the commodity market! (You can easily become a small-scale Warren Buffet… if you follow these insider tips!)

Get publishers to pay you for traveling to exotic places. 14 sizzling topic ideas Magazines are paying BIG money to get their hands on writers like this.

If you like detective stories… here’s how to make a million bucks a year by tracing missing heirs! (When people don’t know about their inheritances… you could be easily and legally grabbing a 50% share of a huge estate!)

If You Don’t Take This Exciting Opportunity Now…
You’ll Be Kicking Yourself For YEARS to Come!

Buy Insider Secrets by W.G. Hill from Amazon.

Insider Secrets: Become a Successful Portable Trade Entrepreneur

It could be said the Insider Secrets by W.G. Hill is one of the best books to learn marketing 101-106! 

The reader will learn more from this one book in a shorter time as Hill will show the reader how and where to begin. Hill shares many simple business startup ideas (some of whom Hill used to support him while traveling the world). The reader may make these ideas his own or expand them to fit each situation best. The keyword here is to start small and build up an entrepreneur empire anywhere in the world.

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