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There are countless success stories from people all over who become successful entrepreneurs after acting upon Hill's strategies laid out in Insider Secrets.
“Wow. This book was an amazing wake-up call. I used to think only in terms of “getting a job.” It is obviously better to work independently. Insider Secrets taught me how to market my services as a self-employed independent contractor.



Michael Thomas

Developer & Entrepreneur

“The concepts inside the first two chapters have made me over $15,000 this year… and I know I’ll probably make at least 10x more next year.

Like anything new, this stuff takes a while until you become really good at it – but after that, you literally sit back and watch the money pour in!

What I like most about Insider Secrets is that it doesn’t force you into picking one activity over another. It’s more of an “a la carte” menu… you choose what fits your style. And with over 100 different trades to choose from, I’d say it’s a pretty solid menu.”

Lisa Karen

Manager & Entrepreneur


A Foolproof Guide To Entrepreneur

The #1 Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

#entrepreneurship #profitablebusiness #entrepreneurgoals As I have gone through each stage of starting and running a business, I have watched and followed those who succeeded. What struck me was that I could list at least five people, right at the top of my head, who failed in their business. The reasons? Lack of business plans. In the world of marketing, it is so easy to create a plan and have a document, so you will know exactly what you are going to do to get from where you are to where you wish to be. I watched individual business owners, with detailed business plans who had every imaginable contingency, only to fail when they hit the streets . I have never seen or heard of a business owner who did not figure out how to make profits. In my experience, people figure it out, whether they are in business or not. So when I watch those who succeed in business, it does not surprise me because they have figured it out. It does surprise me that more people do not figure it out and find the

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#homebusiness #homebasedbusiness #entrepreneurtip #smallbusinesstips #successstarter #financefreedom  The easiest way to make money at home is online. The internet provides you with jobs that you can perform efficiently with little effort and require a little cost. This also makes it more appealing if you are someone who needs extra money or you want to make it big quickly. I can assure you there is no easy money at home. It requires effort and focuses, but it is possible. This is probably one of the easiest ways to earn money right now. It would be best if you had some time and the desire to build your own business. When you have the time and are committed to your business, you can start to take on clients. It is important to note that you can take on only so many clients at a time, and you can never have too many clients at a time. Clients want to work with people they know and trust. If you do not have the time, I highly recommend that you find a good business mentor who can show yo
#advertisingtips #marketingtips #secretsofsuccess #marketing101 #businesstips #businesstipsforwomen  Your goals should be specific, quantifiable, and attainable. This keeps you from getting trapped in the minor incremental improvements and instead inspires you to keep pushing forward and try different approaches until you find something that works. This is all about staying focused. Your thoughts, the way you manage your business, and what you sell affect your business goals. Your goals are set in an area of your business that you manage and have a specific purpose. For example, if you manage a restaurant, you might have a marketing goal to get your Yelp reviews to 200 reviews before the end of the year. But how will you do that? And how will you meet your goal? These are both excellent questions. Your Yelp reviews can easily be achieved by making sure that you have a good number of reviews. And by doing that, you are setting the stage for your goal by helping potential customers find
#grit #hardwork #perseverance gritandvirtue #hardworkpaysoff #hardworking #goaldriven #businessskills  If you're like me, you may have been told that it's not worth it. The road to success is paved with failures. It's easy to get discouraged and decide to give up on your dreams. I'm not interested in hearing those excuses. I want to hear from people who have succeeded. I want to hear from people who have not given up on their dreams. The only people who should tell you that it's not worth it are the people who have succeeded. If you're interested in hearing about their successes, then you must be interested in hearing about your failures as well. 1. Grit isn't a personality trait. It's a way of life. Grit is persistence. In business, it's the go-get-'em attitude you need to make it through the tough times. In business, you may have to face off against many competitors. The only way to win is to get even. If you are thinking of pursuing a career a
#successstarter #goalsetting #successstrategies #goalplanning #successsecrets #SuccessSkills #motivation  An excellent way to set business goals and determine their feasibility is to set them for all levels of your company. Don't forget to set goals for your employees as well. Everyone's morale will improve dramatically when they know your company is going in the right direction. Business goals for all levels A goal for a small business can be reached in one year, a medium business in 2 years, and a large business in 3 years. This means your business has plenty of time to make any desired changes that will make all levels of your company successful. So, while it's tempting to set small, fast goals that are easy to attain, it's usually more intelligent to set goals that will be easily attainable in the future. Be careful not to set high, unrealistic goals. This will keep you motivated and keep your business focused on lofty goals when it should be using its resources to
#homebusinessopportunites #homebusiness #scamalert #homebasedbusiness #homebusinesscoach #homebusinesstips  Do you want to earn extra money doing some extra work to help you make some extra money from home? A quick internet search can reveal many works from home scams that exist out there. Usually, they charge you upfront fees without providing anything useful to you, and often they lure you to work with them. But actually, they are just cheating more of your hard-earned money. Here are some ways to tell the difference between legitimate opportunities and scams. Risk vs. Reward Risk vs. reward is the difference between legitimate opportunities and scams. The legit company asks you to risk time and money to get started. They provide tools, training, and material that can help you get your business going. On the other hand, scams use incentives, lies, and deception to get you to trust them. They use the threat of success to make you invest time and money. If you lose your hard-earned mon
#AdvertisingGuru #marketingtips #advertisingtips #marketing101 #advertising101 #marketingconsultant  Here are some of my favorite methods to market yourself to your customers without spending any money. 1. Ask them to join your list. I'm not talking about a mailing list either. I'm talking about asking your customers to join your social networking site. If they are not used to this, then this cannot be very comforting. However, there are ways to make it simple and safe for you and your customers. Please make sure you also make a safe space on your social network page that customers can go to before asking them to join your list. 2. Create a contest to promote your business. By doing a simple contest, you can generate excitement about your business and get your customers used to hear about your business. You can create a simple contest too that customers can enter and even create a small prize for entering. Make sure you also offer your customers the chance to win something for

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The ultimate way to avoid government control of your life and your property is to become invisible. Over 400 pages of possibilities to raise your own Flags and become a PT. Multi-millionaire author, Dr. W.G. Hill, details with fascinating case histories and personal anecdotes how he has made-and keeps-both his freedom and his money. Updated in 2020


You don’t hear of too many Real Estate Tycoons who made it big. Why? Because most of us prefer to be anonymous & low profile. We don’t want publicity to get targeted by all and sundry scammers. Be on the rich guy lists of Forbes, and you’ll have no benefits — nothing but trouble! Updated in 2020
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